Jokhana- Divines The Future

Jokhana (/d͡ʒɒkhɑ:nɑ:/) जोखाना is ancient fortune teller technique of eastern divination in Nepal, India and Tibet. It is very popular Occult Science in Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanism and Tantric cult.

Jokhana is as powerful and practical as Psychic reading, Tarot reading, Voodoo, Oracle Cards, Crystal ball, Chinese Astrology, Jyotish, Palmistry, Numerology, Feng Shui, Vastu, Geomancy and so on and so forth. Inspired by this, We have developed this Jokhan App. You can Install it on your Phone and Tablets.

We have developed this app in two languages, English and Nepali. As the app opens, choose the language of your preference.

The Main Features of App are:- Horoscope / Ask Jokhana / Muhurta / Ask Astrologer / Forex Converter / Kundali (Vedic Jyotish) / Forex Converter / Panchanga / Date Converter / Hindu Festivals / Subha Sait / Rashi Milan / Discussion Forum

Jokhana App calculates the Muhurat and Calendar based on your tracked location. So Before Installing it,You have to use GPS or location in Mobile. This App is directed by Astrologer Dr.Suneel Sitaula. He is a highly experienced Astrologer and have been providing astrological consultation services to thousands of people worldwide since 1994. Dr. Suneel has a program on astrology in Telivision since 2006. He also runs a radio program on astrology. He has appeared In the BBC in February of 2013. Dr. Suneel has also served as an astrological consultant in the five star hotels of Kathmandu. He has also been crowned with profuse titles including the JyotishVidyaShri in India, and VastuShree in Nepal.

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